The CV1 for Lucas Hedström2.


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Current position

PhD student, Umeå University

Areas of specialization

Biophysics, statistical physics, computational physics, network science

Appointments held

from 2019 University teaching at 20% as a part of my PhD education, Umeå University, Umeå

sum. 2018 CAE Engineer, BAE Systems Hägglunds, Örnsköldsvik

2016-2017 Part-time teaching assistant, Umeå University, Umeå

2016-2019 Part-time lab supervisor, Umeå University, Umeå


2019-2024 (Ongoing) PhD in theoretical biophysics, Umeå University

2014-2019 MSc in Engineering Physics, Umeå University



2019 Hedström, L. (2019). Classifying the rotation of bacteria using neural networks.

Journal articles

2024 Hedström, L., Carcedo Martínez, A., & Lizana, L. Identifying stable communities in Hi-C data using a multifractal null model. arXiv preprint arXiv:2405.05425. Submitted to PLOS Complex Systems.

2024 Hedström, L., & Olsson, P. Considerations on the relaxation time in shear-driven jamming. arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.10682. Phys. Rev. E, 109(6), 064906

2024 Hedström, L., Metzler, R., & Lizana, L. A general mechanism for enhancer-insulator pairing reveals heterogeneous dynamics in long-distant 3D gene regulation. arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.09209. Submitted to PRX Life.

2022 Hedström, L., & Lizana, L. Modelling chromosome-wide target search. New Journal of Physics, 25(3), 033024.

Book chapters

2023 Hedström, L., & Lizana, L. Exploring the benefits of DNA-target search with antenna. arXiv:2311.11727.

Talks & posters

2024 Talk at MEEW 2024 in South Korea: “A cool connection between gene regulation and resetting search”

2023 Talk at the 11th EpiCoN meeting in Umeå: “Epigenetics on Multifractals”

2022 Poster at the EpiChrom 2022 conference in Uppsala and the 3rd workshop on stochasticity and fluctuations in small systems in South Korea: “Modelling chromosome-wide target search”

2022 Talk at the MBM 2022 conference in Linköping: “Modelling chromosome-wide target search”

2020 Talk & poster at the 10th EpiCoN meeting in Umeå; “Zooming in Hi-C maps with Convolutional Neural Networks”


I have been engaged as an academic supervisor in many master’s theses. This position entails assisting the student with planning and writing the thesis, and sometimes giving feedback on the project as a whole. A partially complete list of works I’ve been engaged with can be found here.


From 2020 co-responsible for the courses “Modeling and Simulations” and “Dynamical Models of Living Systems”

From 2020 head of planning, supervising and examining practical labs on “Mekanik och energifysik”

From 2016 head of planning, supervising and examining computer labs on “Foundations in Electromagnetism”, “Electrodynamics” and “Advanced Fluid Mechanics”

Service to the profession

2024 Planning for the IceLab stress kickoff workshop

2022 Planning Committee for the 11th EpiCoN meeting

2020-2022 Student representative at the research committee at the TekNat faculty.

2019-2023 Deployment, improvements and management of STRIDE at the physics department, a website where doctoral students can record their achievements during their PhD.

2019 Development of the most recent version of Röda Tråden, a website with tools allowing master students to plan their course plan for their wanted degree.


2022 Umeå Kommun conference grant for the 11th EpiCoN meeting

2022 Wallenberg travel grant for South Korean research exchange


2024 Leader of the bass staff in the choir “Umeå Nationskören”

2023-2024 Bass singer in the choir “Umeå Nationskören”

2020-2022 Bass singer in the choir “Umeå Vokalensemble”

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  2. “ö” is pronounced kind of like the “e” in the American pronunciation of “fern”. Hedstrom is also fine.