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The master’s programme in Engineering Physics exists at many universities around Sweden. At Umeå University, students have a lot of freedom in choosing their courses and fine-tuning their specialisation. This is one of the many reasons the programme at Umeå University keeps high quality. However, freely choosing a set of courses can be tricky, since certain requirements have to be met to qualify for a degree.

To help the students to set their path, the website Röda Tråden was made in the late 2000s. It serves to consolidate searchable information such as specialisations and courses. Students can also make accounts to construct study blocks, making it easy to see what requirements might be missing for their degree.

The website has been through multiple versions, and I made the current (4th) version. This became a necessity after the old version was too difficult to manage and update. The current website is written in Django, a Python-based framework, to ease continued updates and development by interested students.

Visit the website here!